People frequently inquire about the origins of my brand's name, Sons of Gemini. While many assume that I am a Gemini, in reality, I am a Capricorn. The name finds its roots in my identity as the son of a Gemini mother. Sons of Gemini, as a concept, embodies a matriarchal essence. The collection titled “Grace of My Mother" is a jubilation of fresh starts and a heartfelt tribute to the strength and spirit of women.

“Strong enough to bare the children, then get back to business” - Beyoncé.

This collection is a dedicated homage to the women who have played vital roles in my life - my mother, my sister, my closest friends, as well as women across the globe. They exemplify unparalleled strength, the strongest among us. Through their inspiration and empowerment, I have found the drive to bring this collection to fruition.

The predominant hue of this collection, multiple shades of green (a color dear to my sister's heart) symbolizes rebirth, prosperity, the vibrancy of spring, and the nurturing essence of mother nature. The collection features intricate, organic lines of zippers that dance harmoniously like strokes on a canvas. Each garment serves as a metaphor for embracing your sexuality, asserting ownership of your body, making your choices, deciding your own life, and amplifying your voice.


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